Tips For Buying A Used Vehicle

Purchasing a new car or a “new to you” car can be a frustrating experience. In addition to researching various models to ensure you are purchasing a top-rated safety pick, you must also deal with haggling over the purchase price. Many people choose to purchase a used vehicle to save money and lower their insurance cost. However, purchasing a used vehicle can result in a multitude of problems if the used vehicle is not safe.

Below are tips from our Ontario car accident lawyer that can help you when you are purchasing a used vehicle.

Tips for Buying a Safe Used Vehicle

  • Request a copy of the car history report. You want to look for information regarding past accidents or other damage to the vehicle. You also want to make sure that the vehicle was properly maintained.
  • Have a used vehicle inspected by a certified mechanic before you purchase the vehicle. The cost of an inspection could save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs if you purchase a used car with mechanical or electrical problems. Use a mechanic you know and trust to perform the inspection.
  • Look for used cars that are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Some used car dealers may offer a short-term, limited warranty; however, these warranties are usually not comprehensive and do not pay for all repairs. If possible, purchase the extended warranty to reduce your risk for expensive repairs.
  • Research the value of the vehicle to ensure you are not overpaying for the vehicle. You can find the average value of a vehicle online by using the make, year, model, mileage, and other information specific to the vehicle (i.e. special packages and options).
  • Research forums online to see what other people are saying about the vehicle. You can search various forums by the year, make, and model of your vehicle to read comments by other owners. You may find out about a defective part or other problem before you make a mistake.
  • Check for recalls. You want to ensure that all repairs for recalls have been performed on a used vehicle before you purchase it.
  • Do not purchase a used car on an impulse.  The dealer or the owner may push you to purchase the vehicle because it may be “gone” by the time you come back. It is never wise to purchase a used vehicle without doing your homework. There are many used vehicles available for purchase. You will find the right one for you without being rushed into a decision.

Safety Should Be a Top Priority

A used car can be a safe, reliable vehicle that is much more affordable for you compared to purchasing a new vehicle. However, you must take your time, do your research, and investigate the history of the vehicle before buying a used vehicle.  While money is a major concern when purchasing a vehicle, your safety and the safety of your family must be a top priority when purchasing any vehicle, especially a used vehicle.

Call an Ontario Car Accident Lawyer for Help

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