How to Prevent Injuries While Cycling in the Rain

Avid bicyclists do not allow a little rain to stop them from enjoying one of their favorite activities. Other riders are simply caught in an unexpected rainstorm while out enjoying an afternoon of riding or while riding to work. In either case, it is important that the rider takes certain steps to avoid injuries while bicycling in wet weather.

Clothing for Wet Weather

The weather can change very quickly. Being prepared for the potential of rain is important when biking. Wearing or carrying a waterproof jacket can keep the water from soaking through your clothing. However, wearing hoods while riding your bicycle can be dangerous. You need to avoid hoods or head covers that obstruct your view.

If you intend to ride in the rain, you need to invest in waterproof clothing and special non-slip shoes. Remember, your hands and feet will be the first to get cold while riding in the rain. Make sure to protect them with waterproof gloves and shoes. Carry a waterproof backpack to keep your items dry and safe. Wear bright or neon colored clothing to increase your visibility through the rain.

Prepare Your Bicycle for Wet Weather

Use reflectors and lights on your bicycle to help motorists and others see you. Rain can obstruct the view of drivers making it more difficult for drivers to see you. Add fenders to your bicycle to keep water from being thrown up from the road onto you. Long fenders can also keep debris from being lodged in the chain and gears. Your breaks will not be as effective when riding in the rain. Slow down and allow yourself additional distance to come to a complete stop. After you finish your ride, do not forget to wipe down your bicycle to prevent damage from the wet weather.

Watch for Road Hazards

Bicyclists are always at risk of an injury from a bicycle accident caused by road hazards, but especially in wet weather. Be careful of puddles that can hide potholes and other dangerous items that can result in a flat tire or a crash. Part of the road can become very slippering during a rain storm. When crossing potentially slippery surfaces, keep your handlebars straight and avoid any sharp turns.

You should also be on guard for flash flooding that can occur even in a light rain that has been falling steadily for several hours. Never run through standing water — it can be hiding a dangerous road condition, and you can be easily swept away by even a few inches of water on the road.

Getting wet will not hurt you if you take the right precautions. You can enjoy bicycling even though the weather refuses to cooperate with a little preparation and common sense.

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