Truck Driver Smashes into Skyway Bridge

Recently, a truck driver who smashed into Skyway bridge is being charged with drunk driving.

While this had severe economic repercussions as many trucks had to sit through the accident, it also elicited extreme reactions from all those commuters inconvenienced, including my clerk Atifa who was stuck in traffic for over 3 hours. I, unfortunately, was also stuck due to a horrific car accident on Bathurst. Today, I see on the news a motorcyclist has succumb to his injuries in Mississauga.

Traffic jams are usually the result of negligent behavior on the roadway, which means everything that flows from them are preventable. At the low end of the scale it is an inconvenience that has you in traffic. At the complete opposite end someone has lost their life. While I consistently preach about being safe on the roadway we do not consider the repercussions of our actions. From the thousands of dollars spent fixing a bridge to the extreme heartache of a family who has lost a loved one prematurely.

I am not sure what the morale of this column is this week other than to say once again we need to be mindful that we live in a society where our actions and reactions affect others. No one is an island. If you are careless or negligent, there will be eventual consequences. You can get away with drinking and driving, but you will be caught eventually or kill someone or destroy a bridge. You need to conduct yourself as you wish others to conduct themselves towards you and your family or reap the consequences. We have one more long weekend this summer – lets be safe and respectful.

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