Diamond and Diamond Personal Injury Law Firm in Toronto expands to Barrie & Sudbury

Jeremy Diamond, Lawyer at Diamond & Diamond Personal Injury Lawyers has expanded to Barrie and Sudbury to help injured victims get justice and compensation. The firm has been serving the Greater Toronto Area for the past three decades and has recently completed a significant renewal and redevelopment, with lawyer Jeremy Diamond leading the northbound expansion.

According to Diamond, their focus will not only be on providing much needed legal services for those injured in accidents, but staff is taking on the role of “victims’ advocates as the government is set to erode benefits again.” Catastrophic injuries are the next target of the new legislative changes, warns Diamond, adding that the proposed changes will seek to make it extremely difficult to be deemed catastrophic by an insurance company. “Those deemed catastrophically impaired are entitled to $1 million worth of coverage under their policy of insurance, but if you are not catastrophic you will only be entitled to $3,500 or $50,000 at most.” Adds Diamond: “No job, no income, and no health! What is someone to do with a paltry $3,500?”.

More than 65,000 injuries occur due to motor vehicle accidents in Ontario each year, and catastrophic injuries present challenges such as navigating the quagmire of claims, acquiring legal representation and dealing with crippling financial costs. “We believe that expanding our services from the GTA to growing, thriving cities like Barrie and Sudbury will help us not only serve clients with care and compassion but spread the word that any legislative cuts to victims’ rights is a win for big insurance,” adds the personal injury lawyer. “These cuts are extremely detrimental; we have seen nothing but cuts to victims’ rights over the last 20 years, and it seems like no one is sticking up for the little guy.”

Diamond & Diamond, which dominates the highly competitive field of personal injury law in the GTA, is involved in numerous safety campaigns, including increasing awareness about wearing bicycle helmets and street safety. They are spearheading an upcoming Safety Day in conjunction with the City of Toronto, and recently they received an Ontario Safety League Award for their community involvement. Diamond & Diamond is a family affair – the firm includes Diamond’s partner/wife Sandra Zisckind, along with his brother-in-law Isaac Zisckind and his cousin Daniel Diamond, who is currently articling with the firm. Diamond emphasizes that, unlike other law firms, they don’t dabble in a wide variety of practice areas. “We only take on personal injury cases – everything from car accidents to slips and falls, and even long-term disability claims.” Unfortunately, financial circumstances often determines legal representation – “but everyone deserves the right to compensation for their losses,” adds Diamond, who works on a contingency fee basis. “Some lawyers are charging $400 to $500 an hour; many people who need help cannot afford those fees. Our goal is to provide access to justice… we finance the litigation – if we are unsuccessful, we lose our investment.

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