Diamond and Diamond Featured in the Jerusalem Post

Diamond and Diamond Lawyers were recently featured in the Jerusalem Post to discuss Vancouver, expansion into full-service (including real estate law, corporate law, family law) and its fast growth.

It’s been just five years since a family-run business became Canada’s fastest growing Personal Injury firm.

Just one office in 2013, Diamond and Diamond now boasts 13 more offices across Canada (including Vancouver). A 2015 Leger survey showed that only 3% of responders could name one of their competitors.

Diamond’s brand of tough advocacy is contagious. Large insurance companies are known to enlist the services of high-powered counsel in order to limit the amount of money a plaintiff can ask for.

Canada’s Tort claims are historically also much smaller than the United States. The Supreme Court caps pain and suffering at less than $400,000, meaning such an amount is typically reserved for those with the greatest pain and suffering.

Most injury lawyers operate on a contingency basis, meaning they don’t earn their fees until they settle. As such, they must bankroll all costs of the claim before it settles years from now. In addition to being a cash flow nightmare for accountants, Personal Injury Law comes with a great deal of risk for a firm. Many have simply closed up shop citing low capital and high competition.

Over 30 years ago, David Diamond founded Diamond and Diamond. It was at a time when personal injury advertising was next to non-existent.

5 years ago, his nephew Jeremy Diamond, wife Sandra Zisckind and brother-in-law Isaac Zisckind became part owners in Diamond and Diamond and took it in an entirely different direction. They sought to expand and service most claims in-house as opposed to relying on outside counsels to handle overflow.

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