Trauma Season Begins

Yes, believe it or not, spring and summer is fast approaching. Unfortunately, the summer months are often referred to trauma season. If you do not believe me pass by Sunnybrook. The hospital has a sign out that warns people not to end up on their stretchers. Surprised? Thought the winter was bad? Most people do. I think as Canadians we learn to drive in winter weather and we tend to be more cautious. While we certainly see more fender benders, in my experience the most serious injuries occur now.

What are the causes, simple, speeding, drinking and the sun.  Clearly the sun (not the newspaper) is not preventable. It gets in your eyes and blocks the vision of the most experienced drivers. Try to wear glasses, keep your visor in place and just proceed cautiously.

While it is fun to take out our convertibles and cruise around the truth is the speed limits are limits for a reason. The limits have to do with braking. You need to be able to slow your car down quickly in a residential area if a child is in the street.   It is clearly more difficult to do that if you are travelling at an excessive rate of speed. You do not want to be the one responsible for an injured child.

Of course the final one is drunk driving. Like I have repeated over and over again in this column, just don’t do it.  It’s not worth it.  Never mind the death and destruction it causes, imagine the humiliation of having to breath into your ignition to get it started. Or explaining to your friends and family why your license is suspended.

In short, be careful. Sunnybrook is looking forward to a slow night.

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